Narratives, notations and archives from territories of art and design

Why Amphibology?

/ˌamfɪˈbɒlədʒi/ n: an ambiguous grammatical construction; e.g., * they are flying planes *

This is a personal account spanning 40 years and several continents. I like to be in liminal spaces and to work with modern tools in old-fashioned ways. Ferry terminals, html, funky images.

My creative output is diverse, wide-ranging and I am rather proud of it. This site gathers it all together under the general rubric of curating, with the understanding that the term may be interpreted in more than one way.

I will be talking about curating as a profession. I will also be making a case for the curation of my career.

Amphibology is my general reference site.
For website and information design, go here:

19th century engraving of the now extinct Solitaire bird


on this page: premise and featured content


a collection of older and experimental pages returning soon

fossil strata

curating transitstation exhibition-as-event

“From the still quiet of our 10-year sabbatical transitstation prepares to meet a radically changed world. We’re ready to embark on another wonderful creative journey with transitstation artists and colleagues, old and new. It will be – it always is – an unforgettable experience of live art.”

the transitstation relaunch video, a reflection on wind and distance